Al Noll

Mid Atlantic | CFO / Principal

Al brings a unique package of skills gained in Financial and GM leadership roles within the manufacturing sector for global companies. Applying a combination of financial expertise and Lean process techniques, he shaped organizations to compete in supplying a demanding customer base; i.e. Toyota, and similar OEMs.

Managing in a global environment over multiple sites, with functional counterparts remotely located, Al built a solid network of communication, creating structure where none existed. During on-site visits, he can walk deep in the process, relate to various levels of the organization while collaboratively identifying opportunities and providing sustainable outcomes.

As the senior executive, Al successfully led a joint venture Tier I supplier cost repositioning and growth, the start-up of a joint venture assembly business and turnaround of an aftermarket subsidiary. A change agent within leadership teams he can deliver:

Forward Planning – Budgets\Forecasts linking KPI’s to business goals, gap control
Analysis\Problem-Solving – Lean Six Sigma, process mapping, A3 approach
Manufacturing Finance – Advanced product costing, product line profitability
Mentoring\Teaching – Financial management concepts, facilitator of transformation initiatives

Experiences with entities less than $50M, including volunteer work with a government program to help business owners, provides Al the practical insight into the challenges faced by small businesses.


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