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The CFO Center - New Additions to the Team

The CFO Center – New Additions to the Team

The CFO Center has been growing so rapidly over the last year, we thought we’d mention some of our new team members as well as some recent moves.
So many small-medium sized businesses have taken notice of what we have to offer, and how we can help them grow, it has proven to be a much needed service here in the U.S.

• Paul Roberts has joined Michael Meyer’s team in Virginia.
• Tom Moore and Mike Bone have joined John Waterman’s team in Central Florida.
• Bruce Murphy (Austin) and Jim Chamberlain (Dallas) joined Brian Noble’s team the second half of last year and more recently has added Paul Whitley and Jim Roundtree
• Cliff Lightfoot has joined us in Los Angeles
• Steve Coates and Haleh Fardi both joined us as Regional Directors in the great city of Chicago.
• Erich Stolz joined us in Houston as a Regional Director, was temporarily shut down due to Hurricane Harvey, and is now up and running.
• Darren Allen joined Tom Gentry’s team as a CFO in Atlanta.
• Juan Ramirez has stepped into the RD role in Miami and has added David Schoenberger as a CFO to his team.
• Din McCallum and Luis Brito joined Vince Arnette’s team in South Florida.
• Nelson Tepfer joined Brian Raphael as a CFO in New York.
• Adam Marder is not new to our team, but he has left South Florida and is joining our team in Dallas!
• Last, but not least, Alfredo Diaz joined the team as a Regional Director, tasked with setting Panama up as the next country on the map.

Check out everyone’s bios by clicking here: Our Team



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