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Knowing how to get funding for a growing businesses can be a significant challenge

Whether you need working capital to support your growth, raise funds for a push into a new market, introduce a new product range or even have a requirement to raise funds for a new business venture, figuring out what you need to do and where to go can be difficult.

Whether you need $2000 or $20MM, there are only two kinds of finance. The first step to raising capital is to decide between Equity or Debt.


Raising money to be traded for ownership of the company

Often faster growth

Ideal when a clear exit is in mind

The right investor can add significant value


Borrowed money

Maintain Control

Banks, investors & venture capital

Increasing array of alternative funding like crowdsourcing presents many options but increases complexity

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Knowing your options is the first essential step in taking the right action. Consider your strategic options with confidence as you learn:

14 different types of funding to consider

Advantages and Disadvantages of different types of funding

2 types of Crowdfunding and how they could work for you

Tap into an expert’s experience to help fund your business 

There are opportunities to leverage significant advantages – or succumb to tremendous disadvantages – for each type of funding, and finding what’s right for you can be complex and frustrating. As an owner, you simply want the funds and are less interested in the detail of how to get hold of them!

At The CFO Center, our team of part-time CFOs allow you to leverage our combined experience and expertise to manage the entire process for you, from determining your immediate and long-term objectives to finding the right kind of funding partner for your business. From the standpoint of external partners like banks or investors, it adds value to have a part-time Chief Financial Officer as part of your team. Even if you currently have a CFO on your staff, they’re unlikely to have substantial experience in raising funds. We can help.

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