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A part time CFO from The CFO Center can help you develop strategic planning and exit planning
Better strategic plans and exit plans for business are possible with help from a part time CFO from The CFO Center

My expert from The CFO Center has added at least $1 Million to the sale price of my business.

Matthew Byrne

CEO, DBI Group

Make your business as attractive as possible

Much of exit planning is actually implementing good business practice. As a business owner you will exit at some time, hopefully on your own terms at a time of your choosing. Planning ahead helps ensure that the business you’re selling or passing on is in good shape to generate future profits for your successor, ideally to be distributed to its owners and employees rather than paid in taxes.

Being ready to sell means being ready when somebody wants to buy

It’s often said: You sell a business when someone wants to buy, not necessarily when you want to sell. If the dream buyer turns up with an unsolicited offer tomorrow would you be in a position to maximize that opportunity? The CFO Center can help you understand the dynamics of maximizing your company’s position and attractiveness, including:

Ownership, Shares & options



Intellectual Property

Helping you protect what you’ve built

Your part-time CFO from The CFO Center can help you prepare the aspects of your company that help you and your buyer have confidence in the transition and future of the company. These can include:


Budgets & Forecasts

Due Diligence

Tax Compliance & Strategies

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