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A part time CFO from The CFO Center can help you with risk assessment in your business
Risk assessment for business is possible with help from a part time CFO from The CFO Center

Not understanding the risks your company faces is dangerous

A report from Cass Business School paints a pretty stark picture: “There is a pattern to the apparently disconnected circumstances that cause companies in completely different areas to fail. In simple terms, directors are too often blind to the risks they face.”

A lot of business owners spend an unhealthy amount of their time worrying about what might go wrong but don’t have a formal risk management framework in place.

Know your reality

The CFO Center can help you first understand some of the risk your company might be facing. These typically include:

When money might run out

Viability of a new product

Penetrating new markets

Competitor strengths

Marketplace Dynamics

Make and manage a plan

Your part-time CFO from the CFO Center will help you understand, analyze, assess the dangers your company might face and develop a proactive, balanced strategy to manage them. We’ll explore five essential business risks that include:

Strategic risks in your particular industry

Compliance risks with laws and regulators

Financial risks of your structure, systems and processes

Operational risks of your procedures

Market risks that you can’t control

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Know and manage your risks better right now with our free 13 page guide.

The ‘shoot, fire, aim’ approach favored by many entrepreneurs is great for making things happen quickly but often jeopardizes the long-term stability of the business. Inside this free guide you’ll get a masterclass in risk assessment and management, uncovering:

What might go wrong in your business, including internal dangers

14 Categories of Risk you should assess in your business

How to separate acceptable small risks from significant issues that could kill your company

Explore more of how our approach to strategic planning can help you and your business

Strategic Activities and Exit Planning

Implementation Timetable

Strategic Funding

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