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A part time CFO from The CFO Center can help you develop better financial reporting
Better financial reporting for business is possible with help from a part time CFO from The CFO Center

Our CFO’s analysis of the numbers (and subsequent advice) greatly influences the strategic direction of the business and is hugely valuable.

Liz Stockley

Secretary, The IDL Group

Reports Are Your Map And Compass

To be successful, you and your senior managers need regular access to accurate insights into your business. When you know the reality of how your business is actually performing, you have a platform to work from and can make decisions based on the facts of sound financial reporting rather than speculation and anecdotal evidence.

Spot problems when they first emerge

See what’s working

Find opportunities

Recognize threats

Many businesses wait too long to introduce a proper business financial reporting structure, making effective analysis and precise planning impossible. With the right approach to reporting, you have a map and compass to chart a successful path forward. Well-constructed business reports are the secret weapon for CEOs and General Managers of ambitious growth companies.

Key Financial Statements

At a minimum, you need to have regular access to three key financial statements that deliver invaluable information that you can use to manage your company more effectively.

Balance Sheet

Showing what your company owes and what it owes at a given time

Income Statement

Showing how well (or not) your company performed over a particular period of time in terms of revenue, expenses and earnings

Cash Flow Statement

Revealing how your company spends its money and where the money comes from (cash inflows) during a period of time

Interpreting Key Financial Statements

Using financial ratios taken from the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet helps you interpret and measure performance in percentage terms rather than raw numbers. This means you (and banks and lenders) can compare your company’s performance with other businesses in your industry, with your previous results and with your projections.

Financial ratios can help you to answer key questions:

Are your operating expenses too high

Is the business carrying excess debt or inventory / stock

Are you customers paying according to terms?

Liquidity Ratios

Revealing your company’s ability to meet its financial obligations including debt, payroll, taxes, payments to vendors/suppliers

Profitability Ratios

Helping you evaluate your company’s ability to generate profits

Leverage Ratios

Showing you how – and how extensively – your business is using debt

Efficiency Ratios

Revealing how efficiently your company is managing certain key balance sheet assets and liabilities

A CFO from The CFO Center can help you know which financial ratios you should track.

Some ratios will be more applicable to certain industries and businesses than others, and it’s crucial to know when to review reports and how to respond to new insights. The CFO Center can help you identify key performance indicators, establish processes for daily and monthly review, introduce budgets and targets to develop focus, and much more.

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