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More profitability for business is possible with help from a part time CFO from The CFO Center

Four Levers to Increasing Profit

When asking how you can improve profits, realize that there are only four ways you can improve your profits: sell more, get customers to buy more frequently, increase prices and reduce costs.

If you can do all four at once, your profits will increase dramatically. Even changing one of these four factors will boost your profits. Poor profitability usually leads to reduced cash flow. When profits are low and cash flow is weak, businesses can slip into a downward spiral. We can help.

Profitability ratios help you evaluate your company’s ability to generate profits

Gross Profit

The total amount your business makes minus the cost of goods sold (COGS) indicates how efficiently your business uses resources to produce your products or services

Operating Profit

Gross profit minus operating expenses, depreciation, and amortization) indicates how efficiently you produce and sell your product
or service

Net Profit

The amount of money left after paying all the business’ expenses including interest, taxation, depreciation, etc.) indicates how well your business is generating healthy results

Put an Expert’s Eyes on Your Profit Plan

Just knowing your profitability ratios won’t help you manage to a plan. You’ll need to compare them with previous annual and monthly profit results so you can benchmark your business’ performance. Your CFO from The CFO Center will study your profitability in context and help identify the ways in which you can sell more, sell more frequently, increase prices (without losing customers) and cut your costs.

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