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Better outsourcing is possible with help from a part time CFO from The CFO Center

A key component of Scaling Up our own business has been to reduce costs by outsourcing well defined business processes, and alternatively to outsource high quality key skills that we could never afford on a full time basis internally.

Colin Mills

Founder, The FD Center

Outsourcing is nearly always cheaper, more efficient, and more flexible than hiring in-house staff.

By outsourcing technical or managerial expertise and experience not available in-house, you can identify or reduce the costs of support services while allowing full-time employees to work on the company’s core competencies. Other benefits include:

Access to expertise that you would otherwise not be able to afford

Time savings for you and your in-house staff

Opportunity to focus on revenue-boosting areas of your business

Lower and more predictable costs

Outsourcing is smart business

Many SMB owners fear that outsourcing non-core aspects of the business like finance, HR, IT or managing customer relationships will lessen their overall control of the company or that it will be restrictive or expensive. These fears can lead to compartmentalization and stagnation of a company while competitors flourish. Any functionality that is not core to your business should be outsourced at the best cost and quality, says Kevin D. Johnson, author of The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs. “In the majority of cases, trying on your own to produce everything that your business needs is unrealistic and highly inefficient,” he says. “If you have believed the negative hype about outsourcing, quickly disabuse yourself of it and implement the process into your business strategy…your competitors are meanwhile outsourcing and working hard to put you out of business.” The solution, of course, is outsourcing to the right partners.

The CFO Center Is a Smart Start

Enlisting a CFO from The CFO Center give you an experienced individual who knows how to finance a business, deal with growth, present meaningful monthly numbers and get the best deals from banks. Your CFO is part of a global collaboration, delivering almost unlimited expertise to your business. Meanwhile, our partnerships with experts in HR, sales, marketing and other core business drivers can help you tap into an even deeper pool of outsourced professionals to help your business grow.

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