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Thomas R Moore, Southwest Florida, CFO/Principal

Thomas R Moore, Southwest Florida, CFO/Principal
Picture of Thomas R Moore, Southwest Florida, CFO/Principal

Thomas R Moore, Southwest Florida, CFO/Principal

Tom is a Transformational C-Level executive equipped with an MBA and extensive experience serving both Fortune 50 (multinational) and start up companies.

Dynamic change agent who offers demonstrated abilities in quickly turning around operations and integrating acquisitions to improve productivity and profitability. leverages rare combination of business acumen and financial savvy to efficiently analyze operating processes, identify key financial drivers, and design systems to optimize performance.

Particular areas of expertise include transformational leadership, financial policy, corporate governance, auditing and audit controls, business plans, due diligence, EBITDA, general ledger, cross-functional team and client communications, customer engagement and satisfaction excellence, system migration, short and long term forecasting, business reengineering, capital finance, cost benefit analysis, internal controls, risk management and mergers and acquisitions.

Major strengths in operational strategies and efficiencies, P&L and business financials, cash flow management, production financials and tendencies, SWOT analysis, recommendation and tracking of client goals, overhead trend, asset disposition and asset securitization, on top of collections, account payable and accounts receivable.

Knowledgeable and experienced in all phases of angel financing, research, trend identification and trend analysis, private equity, evaluation techniques, growth recommendations, and reporting, client record accuracy, investment and insurance positions, divestitures, investor relations, liquidation/bankruptcy and treasury.

Tom enjoys physical exercise/conditioning and is a avid sports fan. Enjoys coaching youth sports.

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