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Kevin O’Rourke – CFO, Research Triangle Area

Kevin O’Rourke – CFO, Research Triangle Area
Picture of Kevin O’Rourke – CFO, Research Triangle Area

Kevin O’Rourke – CFO, Research Triangle Area

Kevin O’Rourke is a proven energetic and strategic leader that translates business strategies into maximum profits commensurate with the best interest of shareholders.   He is an expert in enhancing profitability, developing strategic initiatives and business relationships, leading to business growth and productivity.  He is very knowledgeable of standards, laws, and regulations with a proven track record of implementing the necessary controls to ensure compliance and is dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on quality, service, and uncompromising ethics.

During his 20 years as a CPA, Kevin has obtained invaluable knowledge, experience, and understanding of accounting, financial, and business management.  During these two decades, he has had inside access to the financial operations numerous organizations of all shapes, sizes, and types.  Kevin has worked for regional and national CPA firms providing audit, tax, and consulting services in a variety of industries including health care, non-profit, real estate, and others.  He has also served as the CFO for several mid-market companies including those in the health care, real estate, and agricultural industries.

Kevin is an expert in Medicare & Medicaid reimbursement & regulatory matters for a variety of types of health care providers.  He also possesses an in-depth knowledge of corporate financial law and risk management practices, as well as excellent knowledge of data analysis and forecasting methods and models.

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