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Jim Gallagher – Regional Director, New Jersey

Jim Gallagher – Regional Director, New Jersey
Picture of Jim Gallagher – Regional Director, New Jersey

Jim Gallagher – Regional Director, New Jersey

Jim is an experienced executive and CPA with extensive C level strategic finance, reporting and operations experience working with small to mid-sized entrepreneurial, and turnaround organizations across a broad range of industries, including those in the technology (including SaaS, PaaS, subscription models as well as artificial intelligence and data management), e-retail, media/entertainment, e-commerce, advertising, professional services, financial services and insurance, manufacturing and distribution/logistics, real estate, food service, wellness/life sciences industries, and pre-IPO/liquidity transaction planning/execution and public reporting, amongst others.

Jim embodies a strong strategic, finance/operations and reporting foundation, driven by years in public accounting at Arthur Andersen (NY), managing his own consulting practice, and working as a C level executive (for companies like Sony Music, Xerox, and Bluefly, amongst others) in creating value added solutions that drive growth and efficiencies through change management to maximize revenues, enhance profitability and shareholder value through complete transparency, and a total team approach. His work includes a proven track record of achievement in strategic planning, sales channel expansion, cash management, restructuring, technical analysis, outsourcing, cost containment/profit improvement, and building teams, organizations and practices, infrastructures and systems to scale, to maximize returns and overall value. In addition, Jim has significant experience in international public and regulatory reporting (SEC/SOX, IFRS), raising capital in public and private markets, M&A/due diligence/integration, liquidity transaction preparation , and has interfaced directly with owners, stakeholders, Boards and Private Equity Investors as a trusted business adviser in a professional and winning style.

Jim holds a BBA in Financial Accounting from Iona College (with minors in Economics and Finance) and has served on several Advisory Boards for private companies and non-profit organizations.


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