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Eric Rogers – CFO, Long Island

Eric Rogers – CFO, Long Island
Picture of Eric Rogers – CFO, Long Island

Eric Rogers – CFO, Long Island

Eric Rogers has over thirty years of experience as a Portfolio CFO working with Governmental, Non Profit, Medical and Medium to Small size companies with a concentration in Real Estate, Banking, International Commerce and Services Industries after owning his own Public Accounting Firm.

Eric brings a wide variety of experience, not only fiscal but Systems, Insurance, Internal Controls and Human Resources as well. Mr. Rogers has an ‘all in’ style where he takes responsibility for Compliance, Cost and Financial Reporting, corporate relationships with financial institutions, developing strategic alliances, implementing and monitoring budgets and rolling forecasts, designing sound and effective infrastructures and standard operating procedures, and procuring and managing working capital and equipment financing. Eric will partner up with senior management towards the goal of maximizing stakeholder value and providing strategic leadership in both finance and administration.

Eric is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and has served on several Committees of NYSSCPA. He frequently requested to be a guest lecturer on a wide variety of topics for not just CPA Societies, but Trade Associations and Conferences.

Currently Eric is an adjunct professor at Long Island University where he is teaching Accounting for undergraduate students.


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