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Brian Noble – CFO, Dallas

Brian Noble – CFO, Dallas
Picture of Brian Noble – CFO, Dallas

Brian Noble – CFO, Dallas

Brian Noble is a performance-driven Executive with hands-on experience launching new business concerns, driving financial and operational performance, identifying synergistic M&A targets, and delivering appeal to capital/private investor markets. Brian has 20 years of experience guiding start-ups from content to market in varied industries, including technology, SaaS, Engineering/R&D, manufacturing, construction and transportation. He builds attractive criteria for investment and acquisition via market-savvy revenue generation strategies, talent and resource acquisition, outsourcing strategies, and deep knowledge of financial reporting and accounting.
His notable career accomplishments include:
*Developing positive relationships with venture capitalists, banking investment groups, and high net worth individuals – raising $68M in investment capital and $40M in bank loans to date for 4 start-up companies.
*Generating $500M+ to date
*Acquiring, merging, and integrating 32 companies into 3 consolidated enterprises for subsequent sale.

He has been in the C suite for more than 20 years holding titles such as CEO, CFO, and COO.

He has a certificate in General Management Distinguished, Darden School of Business – University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

And he holds a Bachelors of Science from Missouri State University

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