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Internal controls can help your company achieve its goals and limit the internal and external risks and threats you’re likely to encounter, enabling you to manage and control the business rather than allowing the business to control you.

Not only has our CFO from The CFO Center put financial systems and controls in place, they have also saved us a lot of money.

Karen Howes

Founder, Taylor Howes

There Are 5 Key Elements To A Strong Internal Control System 

Separation of Duties

Key duties and responsibilities in authorizing, processing, recording, and reviewing transactions and events should be separated among individuals


Every transaction must be authorized and carried out by people acting within the scope of their authority


Ensures that assets are properly controlled and that each transaction is accurate and complete


Ensures the objectives of the internal controls are achieved


Ensures the accuracy
and validity of your records, allowing discrepancies to be resolved quickly and preventing unauthorized changes from occurring

Common mistake: Waiting until it’s too late

Most companies don’t use internal controls because owners don’t realize such controls are necessary. This leaves the company vulnerable to unscrupulous behavior, bad or hasty decisions, or reactive instead of proactive tactics.

The CFO Center can help systematize your business and its internal controls so you can view your business from a much clearer vantage point, and decisions to grow the business can be made knowing that the underlying model is scalable and robust.

A part-time CFO from The CFO Center will work with you to redesign your company’s architecture, allowing you to go from working in a job to managing a stable, healthy business.

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