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Hiring Best Practices: What to Look for When Hiring a Part-Time CFO


Are you looking to hire a CFO that will oversee the financial side of your business?

As you start to consider what to look for in a CFO and who would be the best fit for your business, your first instinct might be to interview full-time candidates only. However, you’ll be missing out on the many benefits that qualified, part-time CFOs bring to the table.


The Benefits of Hiring a Part-Time CFO


Sale Leaseback (SLB) – How businesses can benefit financially without losing control 2
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Sale Leaseback (SLB) – How businesses can benefit financially without losing control


Sale Leaseback, as a concept is not new – the use of SLB as a strategic financial tool has been available for businesses for many years.

It has consistently grown in numbers over the last decade and gained further prominence in the current economic environment due to the convergence of a) businesses in need of operating capital in a challenging credit market and b) investors in search of higher yield against the historically low returns from Treasuries.

Thriving in the New World Guardian
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Thriving in the New World Guardian

Thriving in the New World requires a CFO to expand their Guardian role for the organization.  The CFO must see themselves driving the organization’s efforts to harness increasing levels of complexity while embedding behaviours and systems to defend against existing and emerging threats to business continuity.

Organizations of all sizes have relied on their financial leaders to develop internal control systems and financial compliance with taxation and regulatory bodies.  The business owner and key stakeholders will better navigate the future by ensuring their financial leader is accountable for maximising the organization’s overall information integrity and for broadening the compliance framework.

Thriving in the New World Operator 1
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Thriving in the New World Operator

In this series of Thriving in the New World, The CFO Center explores what exactly it means to be an operator in the “new world” and essential elements that allow your business to thrive.

Most owner-operated businesses would agree that increased cash and more access to capital would help them exceed their business objectives.   Recent societal and economic realities have strained or even exhausted cash resources for many companies.   Even those companies enjoying unprecedented growth are scrambling to fund unexpected expansion.   

Thriving in a New World Strategist
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Thriving in a New World Strategist

In the introduction to our CFO Contribution Series, Thriving In the New World Strategist, we suggested that most business owners may not be well served by high-level, third party driven, divergent strategic exercises. Certainly, there is significant value in undertaking far reaching, blue sky thinking. Most small to medium size organizations will be better served by incorporating their own foresight into targeted, most probable future scenarios developed by highly engaged participants directly linked to the success of the business.

Introducing the Thriving in the New World Series
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Introducing the Thriving in the New World Series

Thriving in the New World series is The CFO Center’s unique approach on how we can truly make a difference to your business. Explore how a transformational CFO, as a Strategist, Operator, Leader and Guardian, is essential to future proof your business.

The Covid-19 pandemic has transported almost every business into a new reality with greater obstacles and greater, or certainly different, opportunities. Many business owners are operating at ground level to address challenges that threaten the livelihood of their employees,

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“This too shall pass”

If history has taught us anything, it’s that the only constant in life is change.

Over the course of the last century alone there have been a litany of challenges and numerous disasters, all of which have one thing in common – they’ve all passed.

Some months from now – it’s impossible to predict the true timeline – the current situation we face with Covid-19 will too have passed. It will have left in its wake a trail of debris and destruction which we ought not minimise,

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Business Growth – An Interview with Miami CFO Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown joined The CFO Center in 2019, before this he accumulated more than 20 years of finance experience and has more than ten years’ experience as Country-level CFO for both International and Local Carriers. He has had a lot of success growing businesses he has worked for, so we thought it would be a good idea to ask Stuart for his top tips on scaling up a business:


What does growth mean in business?

Michael Meyer - Mid-Atlantic Region, Regional Director/Principal 1
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“For the first time in my life I am a part of a group that is dedicated to supporting one another.”

With 30+ years’ CFO experience working in corporate both in the US and globally, Michael was tired of the insecurity of employment but hadn’t explored a career in consultancy. A month after his twins were born, he was made redundant in his current position. With a supportive wife and a nudge in the right direction, he turned to the world of consultancy.

For many years, he bounced between consulting and employment and learnt a great deal. 

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Top 9 Advantages of a Part-Time CFO

The quicker you want your company to achieve its goals, the sooner you should consider hiring a part-time CFO.

That’s because a part-time CFO will provide your company with the high-level financial expertise necessary to scale up (things you and your team may not even be aware you need), for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

Hiring a part-time CFO provides your company with many advantages that really help it to grow and stand out in any marketplace.


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