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A part time CFO from The CFO Center can help you improve cash flow strategies
Improved cash flow strategies for business is possible with help from a part time CFO from The CFO Center

We had a significant cash flow problem last year and our CFO was able to calm our nerves and get us back on the right track.

Dave Knight

Managing Director, Igence

Cash is Oxyen for Your Business

It doesn’t matter if your product or service is outstanding, your market share is bigger than your competitors’, your team is highly productive or if you have a steady stream of new clients, your company is at risk if you don’t have a firm grip on your cash flow. Cash is the oxygen on which every business depends. Without a steady supply of it, your business cannot survive.


of small businesses rank cash flow as their number one problem

Your Cash Flow Issues Might Not Be What You Think They Are

The CFO Center can help you first understand some of the reasons you’re struggling with cash flow. These typically include:

Slow paying customers

Excessively high fixed costs

Prices that are too low

Sales that are too low

Poor or slow debt collection

Develop forward-forever cash flow strategies

Your part-time CFO from the CFO Center will help improve your cash flow position – often immediately – with new insights to create sustainable stability. Insights like:

Addressing immediate threats to your business

Strategies to prevent cash flow issues from occurring

Instigating regular cash flow forecasts

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9 problem areas that are creating your cash flow issues

7 ways to address immediate cash concerns

How to stop cash flow problems from coming back

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