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The CFO Center helped Q'Straint solidify plans for growth
The CFO Center helps Q'Straint with CFO services


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Q’Straint develops solutions to improve passenger mobility.They were looking for a CFO that would be a cultural and executive fit, aligning with their commitment to excellence. They needed the expertise of an experienced CFO but didn’t want to commit to a full-time resource. The CFO Center is a powerful solution.

How The CFO Center Expert Helped

Q’Straint Co-President Julie Boynton says, “Our relationship with The CFO Center is a win-win. We get the expertise needed in this area while not having to commit to a full time resource and what that entails.”

Leadership & Partnership

The CFO from The CFO Center treats Q’Straint like he’s part of the company, earning respect from leadership to help drive change.

Analysis & Intelligence

We help Q’Straint have a fresh perspective on strategies and realities to make smarter budgeting and planning decisions.


Leveraging our broad network of CFO experts and specialists across different companies and industries, we made key introductions to other executives that can stimulate new relationships.

We are able to gain executive knowledge/ expertise from the chosen CFO while also leveraging the advice of The CFO Center team.

Julie Boynton

Co-President, Q'Straint

These are a few ways we’ve helped Q’Straint. Explore more about how our expert capabilities and unique approach can help you.

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