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Improving Cash Flow With The CFO Center

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The CFO Center helped AOTC navigate and overcome cash flow issues
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Alpha-Omega Training and Compliance, Inc. (AOTC) is made up of four uniquely different companies that provide environmental spill, safety, and salvation services and consulting. With their leadership focused on day-to-day operations, they found themselves looking for an expert to recognize opportunities for improved cash flow and overall better efficiency. They were attracted to what The CFO Center offers – deep CFO knowledge and expertise without the expense of a full-time salaried employee.

How The CFO Center Expert Helped

AOTC Vice President Brian Barnett says, “Initially, I didn’t know…what I didn’t know. The more questions our CFO asked about our business, the more inefficiencies and areas for improvement were recognized. Every month we are identifying areas for continued improvement. Outside of just financial improvements, Mr. Waterman has helped give us new perspective on: process improvement; marketing ideas; and other areas of business.”

Finding the Right Partners

We guided AOTC to a new CPA firm with a more hands-on approach, helping update and transition accounting systems.

Systems Review

Tax preparation and liability insurance policies were reviewed, identifying immediate opportunities for savings.


AOTC has enjoyed the resources of others in The CFO Center. They don’t just benefit from their dedicated CFO, but our entire network of experts and specialists.

Within the first 6-months, the changes our CFO implemented helped us save the company more than $300,000 in expenses.

Brian Barnett

Vice President, AOTC

These are a few ways we’ve helped AOTC. Explore more about how our expert capabilities and unique approach can help you.

Internal Systems

Cash Flow Management


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