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A part time CFO from The CFO Center can help you with business planning and strategy implementation
Better business planning and strategy implementation is possible with help from a part time CFO from The CFO Center

We have sold over 4.5m Raspberry Pis and could not have achieved this without The CFO Center’s help with strategy and business planning.

Eben Upton

CEO, Raspberry Pi

Planning is the key to the success of any business

Few business leaders will argue that having a plan is smart for growth, yet most CEOs and General Managers simply don’t have the time to spend on quality strategic thinking – much less to document and communicate that thinking in a way which allows the whole business to buy into the vision. In fact, the Close Brothers Business Barometer recently found that nearly a fifth of business leaders keep their strategy in their heads. Without a comprehensive, up-to-date business plan and an implementation timetable, companies may be missing out on opportunities for growth and not realizing their full potential.

Planning Proof


More profitability is achieved by SMB's with a business plan


SMB's with a business plan are more than twice as successful in achieving business goals

There is an art and science to effective business planning

An experienced part-time CFO from The CFO Center can help you achieve clarity and direction to your business strategy, with benefits that include:

Improving a chaotic working environment

Taking command of your business's direction

Asking the right questions to chart your course

Fresh perspective to think differently and see new possibilities

A well-constructed and regularly reviewed business plan instills confidence in achievable goals

Your part-time CFO from the CFO Center will help you develop a business plan that empowers you and your managers to:

Clarify objectives and develop suitable strategies

Understand your market

Identify and overcome internal and external threats

Organize the company

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A formal plan is critical for managing and growing a business. Eliminate the mystery and start planning with confidence as you explore:

How too many SMB leaders keep their strategies "in their heads" - and the dangers this presents

5 Benefits of creating a business plan, including accessing funding

The key elements to a business plan, including the 8 Sections you must cover

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