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A part time CFO from The CFO Center can help you build stronger banking relationships
Stronger banking relationships are possible with help from a part time CFO from The CFO Center


of SMBs have no contact with their bank relationship manager

Your Bank Is More Than A Vendor

Developing a strong relationship with your bank provides tremendous benefits including offering necessary funding, preferential rates and better terms. Your bank can provide expert financial advice and help you to find solutions to financial challenges. A strong banking relationship can also help you to grow your business and reach your financial objectives. Yet few business owners appreciate the value of having a strong relationship with their bank, missing out on a critical relationship for business growth. Many banks can offer:

Insights on marketing, expansion, fraud prevention, and e-commerce

Business ideas and opportunities

Resources to help you achieve goals

Bank On A Better Relationship

Of course, your bank can help you get credit and loans when you have a borrowing history and a solid relationship. Your bank can also provide a regular evaluation of your business and financial strategy, as well as ideas and solutions to overcome many challenges you might face. But for all this to happen your bank has to get to know you. The stronger your relationship is with your bank, the better they will be able to understand your business when you come to them for advice and solutions to help it grow.

Share your long-term strategy

Your bank may be able to provide additional resources to help you achieve your goals

Schedule regular meetings

With an accurate picture of your business it’s more likely the bank will respond faster to needs or opportunities

Don't wait

Many SMBs only approach their bank in desperation, giving banks the least flexibility and companies the least leverage

The CFO Center Can Help Your Build Banking Relationships

A part-time CFO from The CFO Center can take on the responsibility of the bank relationship for you so the bank becomes a valuable asset. This will free up your time to allow you to focus on building the business while forming a highly beneficial, trusted relationship with your bank. We can even help uncover opportunities. We helped a client that poorly organized financially and was being overcharged by its bank. Our part-time CFO was able to sort out the company’s finances, resulting in an immediate saving of $72,000 a year in bank fees.

Let’s talk about how The CFO Center can help you foster a stronger relationship with your bank manager, empowering your future growth in funding and strategic advice,

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The best time to build a banking relationship is when you need your bank’s services the least. Realize the potential of a stronger banking partner in this free 12 page guide where you’ll explore:

Why a better banking relationship is good for business (it's more than you think)

How most SMBs are underutilizing their bank (you probably are too!)

The 8 documents you'll need to get or extend a loan

How a CFO from The CFO Center can be key to your banking relationship

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