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The CFO Center makes it easy to focus on the areas you and your business need the most support.

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12 Box Architecture

Let’s review every area of your current company finance function, including your current and future requirements. Our simple but powerful approach helps you and your leadership team emerge with a clear roadmap for you and your part-time CFO to create a plan and manage it’s implementation. What are you struggling with most?

Strategic Planning

Strategy is the force that drives any business. Successful companies build predictable, sustainable processes to drive their strategies. The CFO Center can help you develop your best strategic plan for growth.

Strategic Activities and Exit Planning

Risk Assessment

Implementation Timetable

Strategic Funding

Operational Skills

When your operations are running smoothly, the entire organization runs smoothly. Time and money costs – and savings – are usually a product of efficient operations. The CFO Center can put expert insight into your operational skills.

Internal Systems


Profit Improvement

Cash Flow Management

Business Support

The right kind of business support augments your organizational capabilities, resources, and opportunities with the right talent and relationships. The CFO Center can help guide your organization with the right support at the right time.

Compliance Reporting

Tax Planning & Legal Issues


Banking Relationship

We had a significant cash flow problem last year and our CFO was able to calm our nerves and get us back on the right track.

Dave Knight

Managing Director, Igence

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Maybe you have something specific you're trying to accomplish in your business, or all you know is things could be better than they are. We'll help you figure out what's next - all you need to do first is reach out.


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More than part-time CFOs, The CFO Center consists of financial and business experts, advisors and strategists who can help you define and deliver the numbers that really matter to you and your business, including increased profitability, better cash flow, and stronger strategies for growth.



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