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Blog “For the first time in my life I am a part of a group that is dedicated to supporting one another.”

Michael Meyer - Mid-Atlantic Region, Regional Director/Principal 1

“For the first time in my life I am a part of a group that is dedicated to supporting one another.”

With 30+ years’ CFO experience working in corporate both in the US and globally, Michael was tired of the insecurity of employment but hadn’t explored a career in consultancy. A month after his twins were born, he was made redundant in his current position. With a supportive wife and a nudge in the right direction, he turned to the world of consultancy.

For many years, he bounced between consulting and employment and learnt a great deal. With consulting, he enjoyed the chance to make a real difference but missed the team spirit and camaraderie that working in corporate provided. So, in November 2016, Michael joined the CFO Center and hasn’t looked back.

“Even when you are in a company, and part of a team, you are the only CFO and so you have no one to share ideas with or get help from. Here, colleagues, far and wide, have supported me to help me win clients and solve problems. In return, I am able to offer assistance to colleagues around the world as, collectively, we have an unparalleled wealth of experience.”

If a client no longer needs his services, Michael is no longer in a binary situation, as he is only losing part of his pay, and with the help of The CFO Center he can quickly replace that lost revenue.

Does any of Michael’s story sound familiar?

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